Mobile Learning:
3 trends for 2020

Photo: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

By: Harald de Jong

All companies are looking for ways to respond quickly to new developments. The challenge is how to get your employees involved as well? Now, there is a solution.

With mobile learning you always have new work-instructions available. M-Learn develops an online module for your employees within a few days. This way everyone is always up-to-date.

View these 3 trends for 2020. And determine whether mobile learning is for you.

Trend 1: Performance Support

With performance support you can optimally support your employees. The aim is to help them perform better at their work.

Performance support is preferably done: Just in time and just in place. This means that with a mobile device, you can train your employees any time and everywhere you want.

Performance support usually consists of information that employees need for their work. Or it consists of instructions regarding the execution of the work. For example: you can show a video of how something works. Or you give your employees the latest developments in legislation and regulations. All through a mobile device.

Trend 2: Micro-assessments

Everybody loves a micro-assessment. It is fun to do, and it motivates.

By the use of a short quiz, you can let employees work quickly and efficiently with something new. Or something important.

For example: an informative quiz where the answer is searched online. Or an assignment that requires collaboration to stimulate the social aspect of a course.

The characteristics of a micro-assessment: short, not complex, activating, surprising.

Trend 3: Spaced Learning

Do you prefer a traditional training instead of an online module? Even then, a mobile device can play a part.

Research shows that employees remember the parts of a training longer if you send them a repeat. With a mobile device you ensure that a repeat can be retrieved immediately.

This form of learning is called Spaced Learning. It is very topical because more and more organizations want training with a higher return.

Final words

Mobile Learning is becoming increasingly important. Why?

  • Your employees want a short online training
  • Your employees want to be able to apply the material immediately.
  • For more and more people, the mobile is the preferred device, above a pc or other.

So don’t wait any longer with the implementation of mobile learning. And give it a try.